About Datavenia

DATA VENIA - Energy Equipment and Services - is a growing company that specializes in the supply of equipment for photovoltaic projects and in the rational use of energy.

It was founded by engineers in 2009 with the purpose to import, distribute and support in Greece the leading photovoltaic inverter REFUsol.

Dozens of satisfied customers afterwards, it has increased its top PV equipment representations and is expanding its activity to additional sectors.


DATA VENIA means "with due respect." It reflects the way we approach our undertaking and our partners.

In DATA VENIA - Energy Equipment and Services – we seek to offer top equipment ing both the equipment that we offer, and our services are top of the market.

We focus on what is important and maximizes the added value to our customers.

We are committed to adhere to strict ethical, scientific and quality standards.

In addition to our specialization and long presence in business, we rely on the expertise and reliability of our suppliers and the professionalism of our associates.